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People of any age group and occupation can be students at Kitaigorodskaya School. The School offers accelerated courses in English at five levels from beginning to upper intermediate, including business language courses. A standard class is 12 students, but the number can change from 6 to 16. The duration of each course varies from 100 to 150 academic hours, with three classes per week, five academic hours each class. Upon completion of the course students are awarded Certificates of Attendance.

The system of testing includes entrance placement test, multiple progress tests, and final achievement test. Patented textbooks and audiocassettes developed by the Moscow Kitaygorodskaya  School are used during training.

The School also offers an opportunity to continue language education in the cooperating schools of England, U.S.A. and other countries.


  •  English for beginners 
  •  English for intermediate learners 
  •  English for advanced learners 
  •  English for special purposes (Business English, Hospitality English, Use of English Grammar, etc) 
  •  English for kids 
  •  English for school students 
  •  English for University applicants 
  •  English for interpreters


The Method differs greatly from all existing approaches to foreign language teaching. A Kitaigorodskaya Method course:

  • uses an original approach to presentation and practice of the language material;
  • teaches the art and strategies of communication before grammar;
  • encourages speaking from the very first class;
  • helps overcome psychological barriers;
  • helps develop memory and imagination;
  • ensures fast and durable memorizing of considerable amounts of language material;
  • teaches the art of communication;
  • stimulates cognitive processes in the student;
  • prevents fatigue or monotony in the learning process.

As communication is not only the aim but also the means of the Method, it requires group learning as opposed to individual tuition. Any course based on Kitaigorodskaya Method aims at developing the student's learning potential, his/her hidden capacities. The Method incorporates a lot of creative training exercises, music, arts, language games, etc. There is also a large element of role-playing to the learning, which allows students to improvise based on set patterns. At the same time, students are encouraged to learn grammatical patterns and expand their vocabularies.

The Method has proved extremely successful and enjoyable both in Russia and in a great number of other countries. Dr. Kitaigorodskaya's seminars on teaching would make a great addition to any teacher's arsenal of methodologies.


  • French (different levels, different categories of learners)
  • German (different levels, different categories of learners) 
  • Spanish (different levels, different categories of learners)
  • Italian
  • Chinese 
  • Russian as a foreign language (different levels, different categories of learners) 



Kitaygorodskaya Method


The educational technology used at School of Kitaygorodskaya in Sochi was developed at the Center for Intensive Foreign Language Instruction of Moscow State University and in Kitaigorodskaya School. This Method is widely known as the Method of Activation of Individual and Group Potential, or Kitaigorodskaya Method. It was developed over 35 years ago by Dr. Galina Kitaigorodskaya.

The method proceeds from the ideas of Dr. G. Lozanov, the world famous Bulgarian psychotherapist, and is based on the latest research in psychology, sociology, psycholinguistics, philology and other sciences.

The foreign language acquisition pattern in Kitaigorodskaya technology is in a way similar to that of the mother tongue acquired by a child. The learners start their acquaintance with a foreign language not with difficult grammar rules, but with real-life communication in the target language, imitating their teacher's speech and perceiving new words and phrases as speech formulas. In Kitaigorodskaya Method communication is both the aim and the means of the learning process. The language material is presented in the form of an interactive performance specially created by Kitaigorodskaya School teachers for the students of a particular language level.

The students are invited to take part in «acting out» an exciting play written about them and for them and "staged" by their teacher with pedagogical expertise and artistic skills. (All the teaching materials are carefully designed and selected, their contents and format providing long-term memorizing of the language.) The teachers of Kitaigorodskaya School use a wide variety of unique teaching techniques which facilitate memorizing large portions of the language material. These techniques are based on the latest brain research, concerning models of the mind, the differing function of the left and right brain, the concept of multiple intelligences, different learning types of students.

The memorizing techniques our students are taught while taking a language course expand and develop all types of memory: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, logical, associate, imaginary, emotional, which later helps them remember greater amounts of the language material as well as various information we need to survive in today's world.

Kitaigorodskaya approach to language instruction develops communicative competence as such, which makes it possible for the learner to overcome psychological communicative barriers not only in the target language, but in the mother tongue as well.

Unlike other technologies originating from Dr. G. Lozanov's concept, Kitaigorodskaya Method has a thoroughly developed system of language and speech exercises which provides both language input and productive output of speaking skills.

We believe that each student regardless of his/her age, educational or professional background is a unique personality whose potential is yet to be discovered.

Kitaigorodskaya technology is able to help you find and make the best of your hidden capacities in different spheres. Learning the language in Kitaigorodskaya School you will develop your creativity, intuition, artistic and logical abilities, your human potential.

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